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Wendy’s Is Working Hard to Make Their New Fries a Hit

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Wendy’s is all in on its new menu item and wants to make sure you are, too. They even have a new customer satisfaction policy: the chain is promising to replace all orders of their Hot & Crispy fries that are anything less than 100% hot and crispy—no questions asked.

The Hot & Crispy Guarantee comes about a month after the new and improved fries made their debut. Billed as a cut above Wendy’s original french fries, the revamped Hot & Crispy fry is supposed to hold heat and maintain shape longer than the original during delivery and takeout—a response to increasing consumer preference for off-premise dining.

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However, amidst lackluster early reviews (including persistent and unfavorable comparisons to Burger King’s fries) Wendy’s is giving Hot & Crispy Fries a vote of confidence with its new satisfaction guarantee.

“The QSR Queen is standing behind its hottest innovation,” Wendy’s spokesperson said in a press release. “It’s really that simple. Hot & Crispy guaranteed . . . every time.”

The new fry recipe includes several modifications. The most important is a new “unsquared cut”—a unique, “not-exactly-square” shape that helps the fries hold heat longer, anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Hot & Crispy Fries are also lightly coated in batter to enhance crispiness.

In addition to the new customer satisfaction policy, Wendy’s also has a month-long lineup of Hot & Crispy-related deals. Every day for the rest of the month, customers can get a free Small Frosty with any size purchase of Hot & Crispy Fries.

Fry-Day Freebies are also available—free orders of Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, 10-piece Nuggets, and Classic Chicken Sandwiches—with purchases of Medium Hot & Crispy Fries. Additionally, Wendy’s is offering a number of delivery deals, including $0 delivery fees on weekends and free fry orders throughout October.

The chain has claimed that its new fries outperformed McDonald’s in a recent nationwide survey, with participants preferring Hot & Crispy Fries to the competition at a rate of nearly 2:1.

McDonald’s kicked promotion up a notch for its own fries earlier in 2021, with its Free Fries Friday deal, offering free medium fries every Friday with all $1 minimum purchases. Perhaps french fries are the new Chicken Sandwich Wars?

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