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Walmart Is Limiting How Much Toilet Paper You Can Buy Amid a National Shortage

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There is at least one Walmart location in every state, and the chain is already a go-to for household staples. However, getting everything you need may be more difficult right now because several items have disappeared from the shelves thanks to shortages, according to employees on social media. In addition, there is now there is a purchase limit on one of the most popular buys in the store.

Yes, toilet paper has been a hot topic for months (and months), but a new report from the Daily Mail says shoppers in New York can only buy about two packs each at Walmart. The move isn’t surprising—Costco limited the number of toilet paper packs members could buy during each trip back in August and recently told members who purchase it online that delivery will take longer than normal.

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Shoppers are taking to sites like Twitter to share their experiences with buying TP, with most noting that it is frustrating we are talking about this again, some 20 months after the pandemic started.

Others familiar with America’s largest retail chain said on Reddit that they are staring at empty shelves because toilet paper is selling so fast.

Shoppers who decide to head to another store to get their supply may need to think again. Joining Costco and Walmart on the list of stores placing a purchase limit on toilet paper is Walmart’s own Sam’s Club.

A member shared a picture of where the packs used to be at the warehouse, with a purchase limit sign posted.

In response, a Reddit user who says they are a Costco worker says this situation is all too familiar because shipments are small and sell out quickly.

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