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This Is the Most Stressful State in the U.S., New Data Says

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Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with work or find yourself with little time for self-care, everyone feels stressed out from time to time. However, a new study finds that it’s not just those day-to-day aggravations that can make you feel stressed—in many cases, where you live plays a significant factor in how tense you are on a daily basis.

A new survey from Amerisleep reveals that one state, in particular, has higher stress levels than any other—and it may come as quite a surprise to those who’ve been there. According to Amerisleep’s data, Hawaii—yes, that very same state many folks from the lower 48 states consider a veritable paradise—is the most stressful state in the U.S.

A number of factors contributed to Hawaii earning the dubious honor of being the most stressful state in the U.S.: the state has the highest rental prices in the U.S., at an average of $1,327 per month; Hawaii has the third-highest home prices, at an average of $1,293,301; it ranked 49th worst for money-related stress; and ranked 48th worst for environmental factors, including poor public infrastructure and noise.

Trailing hot on its heels was another popular vacation destination: Florida. Earning second place among the list of the most stressful states, Florida ranked poorly for adjusted gross income, mental health facilities per capita, noise levels, and national parks and open spaces per mile of land. The state also had relatively high unemployment, at 6.5%.

However, numerous states fared far better—read on to discover which state ranked as the least stressful place to live in the U.S. And for one place that’s definitely not stressful to visit, This Is the Best Supermarket in America, New Survey Says.



While Ohio ranked 28th in terms of overall stress, with first-place indicating the lowest stress and 50th being the highest stress, it was ranked 19th out of the 50 states for work-related stress.

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Missouri came in at number 17 out of the 50 states in terms of lowest environmental-related stress, but it didn’t fare quite as well in other categories. With one being an indicator of the lowest stress possible and 50 being the highest, the state ranked 20th for money-related stress, 29th for work-related stress, and 44th for health-related stress.



While Kentucky ranked 15th for environmental-related stress, it didn’t score quite so well in terms of health or work, ranking 43rd out of 50 states for health-related stress and 41st for work-related stress. However, it fared somewhat better in terms of finances, ranking 13th in terms of money-related stress, with a score of 50 being indicative of the highest stress possible.

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If you’re looking for a state with relatively low health stress, set your sights on Wisconsin. The state ranked 12th for health-related stress, 20th for work-related stress, 23rd for money-related stress, and 30th for environmental-related stress.



Amerisleep’s data makes Iowa look like a pretty great place to live if finances are an issue. The state ranked 2nd for money-related stress. However, it had higher rates of other types of stress, ranking 21st, 30th, and 37th for health-related stress, work-related stress, and environmental stress, respectively.



Work-life balance in Nevada must be pretty sweet, considering that the state ranked 6th for work-related stress in the country. It fared less favorably in other categories, however, ranking 34th for environmental-related stress, 26th for health-related stress, and 21st for money-related stress.



Mississippi ranked 14th for money-related stress and 13th for environmental stress but didn’t fare so well in terms of work or health. The state’s residents ranked 33rd and 42nd for work- and health-related stress, respectively.



If you’re fanatical about your healthy lifestyle, Alaska might just be the place for you. The state’s residents had the lowest rates of health-related stress in the country and ranked 18th for work-related stress, but ranked 36th and 46th for environmental- and money-related stress, respectively.



In contrast, Alabamans ranked 49th out of 50 states for health-related stress. The state’s residents also ranked 34th for work-related stress, 10th for money-related stress, and 5th for environmental-related stress.

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West Virginia

What keeps West Virginians up at night? According to Amerisleep’s data, it’s their health. The state had the highest rates of health-related stress and ranked 47th for work-related stress. Fortunately, the state’s residents came in 8th in terms of money-related stress and 3rd for environmental-related stress.


New Hampshire

While New Hampshire had low rates of environmental- and health-related stress, ranking 6th and 8th, respectively, it ranked 38th for both work- and money-related stress.



Washington State must be a pretty great place to work, considering that it has the second lowest rates of work-related stress in the country. It also fared well for health-related stress, ranking 11th, but less so for environmental and money stresses, ranking 28th and 37th, respectively.



Looking for a state with low work stress? Head to Virginia! The state ranked 8th for rates of work-related stress and 10th for environmental stress. However, it ranked poorly in terms of money and health, at 41st and 25th, respectively.



If you want to put your money troubles behind you, Kansas might just be the place for you. The state ranked 9th for money-related stress, 19th for environmental stress, 29th for health stress, and 32nd for work-related stress.

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Colorado has one of the lowest rates of health- and work-related stress in the country, ranking 7th and 11th, respectively.

However, it didn’t do quite as well in terms of money-related stress, ranking 33rd, and environmental-related stress, ranking 27th.



Looking for low health and environmental stress? Look no further than Utah! The state ranked 9th and 14th in terms of health-related and environmental-related stress but came in 24th and 35th in terms of job- and money-related stressors.



Idahoans ranked 7th for environmental-related stress, 13th for health-related stress, and 16th for financial stress. However, the state had one of the highest rates of work stress, ranking 48th.



Minnesotans have it made when it comes to their careers, ranking 9th when it comes to work-related stress. The state came in 14th in terms of health-related stress, 22nd in terms of money-related stress, and 24th in terms of environment-related stress.



If you’re seeking a state with a great environment and low financial stress, Tennessee might just be it. The state ranked 3rd and 9th for money- and environment-related stresses but ranked 23rd for work-related stress and 48th for health-related stress.



Ranking 5th for work-related stress and 8th for environment-related stress, Oregon sounds like a pretty great place to live. However, the state ranked 31st and 36th for money- and health-related stresses, respectively.


North Dakota

North Dakotans aren’t sweating their bills, according to Amerisleep’s data, with the state ranking 5th for money-related stress. The state ranked 12th for environmental-related stress, 26th for work-related stress, and 37th for health-related stress.



Financial freedom is the name of the game for many folks who call Wyoming home, with the state ranking 6th for money-related stress. The state’s residents came in 10th for health-related stress, 11th in terms of environmental-related stress, and 42nd in terms of work-related stress.


South Dakota

South Dakota residents ranked 7th for money-related stress, 15th for health-related stress, 20th for environmental stress, and 25th for work-related stress.



Arkansas had one of the lowest rates of financial stress in the country, coming in 4th place in terms of money-related stress. The state ranked 15th for work-related stress, 22nd for environmental-related stress, and 27th for health-related stress.



Montana ranked 4th for overall stress in the U.S. and had the same ranking for both health- and environmental-related stress. However, the state ranked 27th in terms of work-related stress and 17th in terms of financial stress.



Nebraskans have it easy—relatively speaking—when it comes to financial stress. The state had the lowest rates of money-related stress in the country, came in 6th for health-related stress, 13th for work-related stress, and 26th for environmental-related stress.



They don’t call it “Vacationland” for nothing! Maine had the lowest rates of environmental stress in the country, ranked third for health-related stress, came in 22nd for work-related stress, and ranked 28th for money-related stress.



The Green Mountain State had the lowest rates of overall stress in the U.S., according to Amerisleep’s data. It ranked number two for both health- and environmental-related stress, 4th for work-related stress, and came in 39th when it came to financial stress.

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