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The FDA Just Announced These 5 Dangerous Grocery Recalls

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Along with shortages, price hikes, and items being discontinued, other grocery store items are being pulled from the shelves because they are mislabeled or contain allergens or bacteria and are dangerous to consume. Luckily the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) details each announcement on its website.

The latest recalls include snacks, produce, desserts, and even baby food. Here are all the details so you can check your fridge, pantry, and the rest of your kitchen to make sure these aren’t around.

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Nestlé Nature’s Heart 1.5 Ounce Products

Two people who ate the 1.5-ounce packs of Nature’s Heart Superfoods Trail Mix and Mango Turmeric Cashew Glazed Mix said the bags contained peanuts and they experienced mild allergic reactions, according to a new recall announcement posted by the FDA. No severe effects of hospitalizations were reported, but in total four products have been pulled from shelves out of an abundance of caution.


Simple Mills Find Ground Sea Salt Almond Flour Crackers

Boxes of these crackers were inadvertently filled with Farmhouse Cheddar Almond Flour Crackers, and thus may not declare that the box contains milk. Anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to milk who unknowingly consumes the crackers could have an adverse reaction—and there has already been one report of this occurring. The consumer who experienced the reaction contacted the company, prompting the recall.

The boxes were sold nationwide individually or as part of a 3 or 6 pack at brick-and-mortar retail stores, direct delivery, and e-commerce sites, the FDA announcement says.

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Fullei Fresh Bean and Soy Sprouts

“The purpose of this announcement is to advise you that Fullei Fresh is voluntarily recalling Bean Sprouts and Soy Sprouts as a precaution due to possible exposure to listeria monocytogenes,” another announcement posted recently on the FDA’s website says. “They were harvested and shipped to distributors between September 14 and October 5, 2021. Both conventional and organic bean sprouts as well as soy sprouts are voluntarily recalled.”

Unlike the first two recalls, no illnesses related to the packs have been reported.


Chocolate and the Chip Bakery Items

Several different cookies, bunt cakes, and rice crispy treats sold in 22 states are being recalled because they may contain undeclared wheat, milk, soy, and tree nuts. The mistake was found to be a result of the owners not setting up a proper protocol for distributing and labeling the baked goods under the official regulations.

To see a full list of the items listed n the recall and all the states they were sold in, head to the FDA’s website.


Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal

Hearing your baby’s food may contain high levels of arsenic is something no parent ever wants, but this cereal sold in Walmart stores nationwide and online is being recalled for that reason, the FDA says. The 8-ounce boxes were sold after April 5, 2021, and include ones with “Best By” dates of  JUN 24 2022, JUN 25, 2022, or NOV 30, 2022.

The FDA announcement says the baby rice cereal was part of a routine sampling program and tested above the guidance for “naturally occurring inorganic arsenic.” Some levels are acceptable—things like water, soil, and food all contain the element, however, research has shown that reducing exposure to toxic substances is important for babies brain development. So far no illnesses have been reported.

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