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Shoppers Are Noticing an Obvious Error on This Popular Costco Product

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You probably don’t think much about the process behind the scenes of the groceries you buy. Food safety, the accuracy of packaging… surely someone oversees all that—right? Well, just as data shows that food recalls have risen, it’s clear not every aspect of grocery production receives oversight with a fine-tooth comb. This weekend, Costco shoppers are puzzling over an error on some of the warehouse’s packaging. We’ve got the image—can you spot it, too?

This weekend, the Costco subreddit is abuzz after u/TheAnemone, who seems to identify as a Costco member, posted an image of a Kirkland Signature product. “Just noticed a typo on all Kirkland ham – can you find it?” they asked.

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At press time, the post had nearly 150 comments and counting with some users quick to nail it. Not to spoil this brain teaser, but a careful study reveals the error appears on the sixth line of text. (Go ahead, take another minute…)

U/Wenthruurhistory was one user with a clue, Scooby inspo and all: “Ruh roh Shaggy! Yu forgot to rerigerate the ham! [sic]”

Indeed, the word refrigerate is missing a key letter: F. “That’s it!” the original poster said. Good news is, it’s safe to say that where to store cold cuts is probably common sense for most shoppers.

Other Costco members on the thread were more focused on learning how the product actually is. “How is the ham though?” asked u/auntpenney.

“The ham is a little too salty for my taste, but quality and freshness are satisfactory,” the original poster said.

(Perhaps a more confounding question is, exactly what does Contains up to 22% of a solution mean? Sorry, Shaggy… we’re not sure we want to know.)

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